About Us

KAAP (Cape) is the Rotterdam-grown fish restaurant in the Katendrecht neighbourhood. KAAP has been serving fish at Deliplein since 2013. The art-cinema Lantaren Venster is a short, but beautiful walk away, Theater Walhallah is one of our close neighbours and our favorite ‘food-loft’ is just across the street.

Fresh fish, fine wines and casual atmosphere. We are inspired by varieties of tastes from the different cultures found in Rotterdam. With pride we serve ingredients from our city and its surroundings. The French kitchen, in particular cuisine from Normandy, also has a prominent influence. Permanent on the menu of KAAP: the lobster, oysters from Normandy, our ‘Moules-frites’ (fresh mussels with home-made fries).

KAAP mainly uses fresh and organic produce. The dishes on the menu change with the seasons and with what the city offers. Our wines are mostly from France. Here we carefully search for wineries with delicacy, often organic or biodynamic, and unique.

With an eye for our health and a sociable atmosphere. You see what you get!